Project 0: Experiential Bridge

Due: Wednesday September 4, 6:30pm before class. No late work.

Submit to: RSMA 2019: Project 00


Google currently leases several floors in two adjacent buildings on either side of Penn Avenue. These two buildings are connected by an enclosed pedestrian bridge on the 4th and 5th floors. Google is requesting proposals for a reactive, experiential installation to be integrated into the bridge.

Design Requirements

  • Integrate Google technologies or data
  • Create a joyous experience for those passing through
  • Allow for “passive” interaction
  • Give employees a break from work if they want it
  • Don’t be obtrusive for those in a hurry
  • The installation should be experienced from both inside the tunnel and outside on the street below.

Site Information

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the reactive space landscape - what similar projects already exist
  • Think about how a tenant’s experience can be impacted by dynamic media
  • Begin to develop a visual style
  • Explore opportunities to form new connections between occupants and architecture using contemporary sensing and media technology


  • Create a new project post in the RSMA 2019: Project 00 pool. (REMINDER: Sign up for the gallery ASAP, as registration can sometime take more than two days)
  • Your project post must include the following:
    • Drawing, sketch, photo collage, rendering… some visual representation of the installation.
    • Data Flow Diagram showing how the system works. Where does the data come from? How does it get used? Where are decision points? Where do visuals happen? What kind of “display” exists? Where to people fit into this?
      • Google Drawings is a good option for producing this.
    • Written description of project:
      • What is it?
      • How does it fulfill all of the Design Requirements?
      • Write out the user experience
    • Bill of Materials (BOM): list of parts needed to make this happen. This can be a guess, but it’s worth taking the time to imagine what it might take to implement your idea.
  • Post a link to your project post in the “Project 00 - Experiential Bridge Design Exercise” project in Canvas.

Site Images